Report To:  Principal

Grade Level:

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement lesson plans that fulfill the requirements of district's curriculum program. 
  • Plan, prepare and deliver instructional activities.
  • Conduct assessment of student learning styles and use results to plan instructional activities.
  • Work cooperatively with special education teachers to modify curricula as needed for special education students according to guidelines established in Individual Education Plans (IEP).
  • Work with other member of staff to determine instructional goals, objectives, and methods according to district requirements. 
  • Plan and assign work to instructional aide(s) and volunteer(s) and oversee completion. 
  • Conduct ongoing assessment of student achievement through formal and informal testing. 
  • Be a positive role model for students; support mission of school district. 
  • Manage student behavior in accordance with Student Code of Conduct and student handbook. 
  • Establish and maintain a professional relationship and open communication with parents, students, colleagues, and community members. 
  • Participate in staff development activities to improve job-related skills. 
  • Comply with state, district and school regulations and policies for classroom teachers.